Pick Your Favorite Salon & Parlour at Home Service

Best Quality Products | Trained & Verified Beauticians | Pocket-Friendly Offers

Head & Body Massage

Head & Body Massage

Pamper your inner and outer body at home with our soothing and relaxing body massage services because In & out beauty matters! Get personalized salon services brought to your doorstep with our Salon at Home services.

Facial & Cleanup

Facial & Cleanup

Let your beautiful face talk. Enjoy the best offers on facial massage in your own comfort space to revamp the quality of your facial skin with our Salon at Home services.

Waxing at home

Waxing at home

Don't have time to go to the salon? Don’t worry! Get rid of unwanted hair at home with our personalized salon services brought to your comfort and privacy. Save your precious time with our Salon at Home services.

Best Quality Products | Trained & Verified Beauticians | Pocket-Friendly Offers
Hair Spa at home

Hair Spa at home

From oil massaging to hair coloring, we have all the amazing salon services to make your hair more beautiful with hassle-free Hair Spa solutions delivered to your home. Get salon-perfect hair without leaving your home.

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

Get the perfect curation and care for your nails, hands, and feet delivered to your home with the best and most glamorizing mani-pedi offers in our Salon at Home services.

Bleach & D-tan

Bleach & D-tan

Avoid wax and threading pain by opting for the effective and amazing bleach & D-tan treatment with our Salon at Home services. Enjoy the convenience of salon services in the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Onidirie Home Salon Services?

Why Choose Onidirie?

Hassle-Free Salon Results at Home

Opting for Salon-at-Home services is the perfect solution for individuals with a packed schedule. It not only saves time and energy but also enables hassle-free online booking of a range of salon services that can be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home eliminating the parlor lines and commute.

Safe and Hygienic Salon Services At your Home

In salon-at-home services, we prioritize your health and safety. Our expert beauticians arrive at your home in full uniform and protective gear, such as gloves, head cover, face mask, and more, to ensure a secure and worry-free Salon experience at home.

Upgraded Salon Services with Branded Products

We strive to be India's most customer-centric Salon at home brand. To ensure top-notch service, we exclusively use premium quality products from leading brands like O3+, SeaSoul, Sara, etc in our salon services. These products are obtained directly from the brands or authorized distributors, ensuring the best Salon at Home experience for you.

Personalization Experience at Home

With our home salon services, you can have multiple beauty services performed by expert certified beauty professionals in the comfort and privacy of your own home. These salon services allow you to get the personal attention you deserve while enjoying your personal space at home.

Experienced and Salon Certified Beauticians

Our team of beauticians at Onidirie Salon-at-Home services goes through rigorous training under the supervision of our senior trainer and Brand Consultants. They are then thoroughly tested, and only those who pass our stringent requirements are qualified to provide you with our exceptional salon services.

Salon Services Empowered by Women for Women!

At Onidirie, we believe in empowering women to learn, grow, and look beautiful in the comfort of their homes. With Salon-at-Home services, the charges for the services provided are directly credited to the beautician's account after deducting the commission.

Faq for Men
Can I make the payment at home after getting a haircut?
Yes, with Salon-at-Home services by Onidirie, we provide you with the flexibility to pay using either offline or online modes. After availing of our men's haircut at home service, you can conveniently pay via cash or any other medium. We take pride in offering affordable pricing to ensure that everyone can enjoy our Salon services at home.
Do you provide men’s grooming salon-at-home services?
In Salon-at-Home services by Onidirie, we offer men's grooming services.
How can I book a men's grooming salon service?

Booking an appointment with Onidirie for a Salon-at-Home service is very easy! Simply visit our website at www.Onidirie.com and follow these easy steps:

  • Navigate to the "Salon for Men" section in the menu on the homepage.
  • Choose the desired salon service from the options available.
  • Click on the "Book Now" button.
  • Provide the required appointment details, such as the preferred date, time, location, and contact information on the checkout page.
  • After successfully completing the above steps, our team at Onidirie Salon-at-Home will take care of the rest.
How long does it take for men’s bleach salon Service at home?
The entire process of D-tan & bleach salon service for men at home takes around 30-45 minutes.
Is this possible to cancel or reschedule the salon service which I have booked with Onidiriee?
At Onidirie, we understand that changes in plans can occur, and we offer the flexibility of canceling or rescheduling your Salon services. However, we request that you inform us at least 2-3 hours before the scheduled service time to ensure a smooth Salon-at-Home experience.
What’s the starting price of “Men’s Pre-Wedding Groom Packages”?
Onidirie’s men’s pre-wedding grooming services start at @₹ 1,400.
What’s included in the “Platinum Pre-Wedding Groom Packages” in Salon-at-home Services by Onidirie?

The Platinum pre-wedding grooming package includes the following:

  • O3+ Manicure & Pedicure
  • O3+ Facial
  • Figaro Oil Head Massage
  • Thread Work
  • Raaga De-tan (Full Body)
  • Senskin Hair spa
  • Rica Waxing (Full Arms, Full Legs & Chest)
  • Figaro Oil Swedish Massage
Which brands do you use for men's pre-wedding grooming salon services?

When it comes to men’s pre-wedding grooming salon services, we always use the top brands such as:

  • O3+
  • O3+ Facial
  • Raaga
  • Senskin
  • Rica
  • Figaro
What precautions should I take for waxing?
To ensure optimal results after your Salon-at-Home session, we recommend avoiding sun exposure, saunas, steam rooms, and tanning booths. It's also best to avoid tight clothing and swimming for a designated period after the salon session.
How often should I go for a haircut?
The ideal time for a haircut at Salon or Salon-at-Home would vary based on the length of your hair and the desired hairstyle. However, on average, a 3-4 week interval between haircuts is recommended for maintaining healthy and stylish hair.
Do you provide male-to-male massage or female-to-male massage in the Salon-at-home services?
At Onidirie, we offer male-to-male massage services in the comfort of your own home. Relax and revitalize with a massage from our team of skilled experts, who will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized after your Salon-at-Home session.
What are the possible side effects of face bleach on men?
The possible side effects of excessive face bleach can be - skin redness, dry skin, swelling, itching, and burning. However, our team of professional beauty experts in salon-at-home services uses the right products & methods to reduce the chances of the side effects of face bleach.
Do I need to provide products from my side during the salon service?
No, definitely not! We don’t recommend this, our team of beauty experts carries all the necessary products and tools with them in the salon-at-home services.
Which eyebrow is considered good for men?
This completely depends on the face cut of men. An eyebrow can enhance the overall look of the face. Our team members will provide you with an appropriate solution after examining your face.
Do you provide the manicure pedicure service at home?
Yes, we also provide mani-pedi services at home for men where Sea Soul Manicure starts at @₹ 310 and Sea Soul Pedicure starts at @₹ 370. For any change in the price, you can visit the mani-pedi page of our website or may contact our support team.
Which brand do you use for Full Body Vedic Line Choco Scrub?
Onidirie Salon at Home for Men uses the “Vedic Line” Brand for the full-body scrub.
How much do you charge for VLCC fruit clean-up for men?
Onidirie Salon at Home for Men service VLCC fruit cleanup starts at @₹390.
What are the benefits of VLCC Fruit Cleanup?

Benefits of VLCC FRUIT CLEANUP salon service by Onidirie include the following:

  • Makes your skin soft and nourished
  • Reduces the tan
  • Lightens pigmentation marks
Do all your beauticians are certified professionals?
Yes, At Onidirie all our beauticians are certified professionals who possess vast experience in beauty and salon services. All our beauty experts are well-trained by our experienced trainers.
What are the timing slots for men’s grooming salon services?
Onidirie Salon at Home offers services from 9:00 am to 6:00 for both men and women. We don’t provide services at the night.
What are home salon services?
Home salon services refer to professional beauty and grooming services provided in the comfort of a client's home rather than at a traditional salon or spa. It involves bringing trained professionals, such as hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and beauticians, directly to the client's location.
How do home salon services work?
Home salon services typically work by contacting a home salon service provider or a freelance beauty professional who offers mobile services. The client and the service provider coordinate a convenient appointment date, time, and location. The service provider arrives at the client's home with the equipment and supplies to perform the requested beauty services.
What services are typically offered in a home salon?
The services offered in a home salon can vary depending on the service provider's expertise and the client's needs. However, common services include haircuts, hairstyling, hair coloring, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, makeup application, and bridal or special occasion styling. Some home salon providers may offer additional services like massages or body treatments.
How much do home salon services cost?
The cost of home salon services can vary depending on the specific service requested, the service provider's experience and location, and the client's geographic location. Prices for home salon services are typically comparable to those offered at traditional salons but may include additional charges for travel and convenience. It is best to inquire about pricing directly with the service provider.
How do I schedule an appointment for a home salon service?
To schedule a home salon service appointment, you can contact the service provider through their website, social media platforms, or phone number. Some service providers may have online booking systems where you can select your desired service, date, and time. Communicate your preferences, provide your address, and finalize the appointment details with the service provider.
Is it safe to have salon services done at home?
Home salon services can be safe when using reputable and licensed service providers. However, ensuring that the service provider follows proper hygiene practices, uses sterilized tools, and adheres to safety protocols is essential. You can ask about their certifications, training, and precautions they take to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.
What precautions are home salon service providers taking to ensure hygiene and safety?
Professional home salon service providers prioritize hygiene and safety. They typically follow strict protocols, such as sanitizing their equipment and tools, using disposable items whenever possible, wearing masks and gloves, and maintaining cleanliness during the service. They may also ask clients about any health concerns or recent exposure to illness to ensure a safe environment.
Can I customize the services I receive during a home salon appointment?
Yes, many home salon service providers offer customizable services to meet their clients' specific needs and preferences. Before the appointment, you can discuss your desired services, hairstyles, beauty products, and any specific requirements with the service provider. They will strive to accommodate your preferences to the best of their abilities.
How should I prepare my home for a home salon service?
To prepare your home for a home salon service, ensure a clean and clutter-free area where the service provider can set up their equipment. Clear the table or counter space for them to work on, provide access to electrical outlets if needed, and ensure the area is well-lit. You should also have clean towels and remove any valuable or delicate items from the work area.
What is the cancellation policy for home salon services?
The cancellation policy for home salon services can vary depending on the provider. Some may require a certain cancellation notice period or have specific cancellation fees. It's important to communicate with
Faq for Women
Does Onidirie Salon provides all kinds of salon and parlor services?
Yes, At Onidirie Salon-at-Home we provide all kinds of widely used Salon and Parlour services including waxing, facials, cleanup, manicure & pedicures, bridal grooming, hair color, hair spa, and many more at your comfortable space and privacy. www.Onidirie.com/salon-for-women.html
Does Onidirie Salon provides all kinds of salon and parlor services?
Yes, At Onidirie Salon-at-Home we provide all kinds of widely used Salon and Parlour services including waxing, facials, cleanup, manicure & pedicures, bridal grooming, hair color, hair spa, and many more at your comfortable space and privacy. www.Onidirie.com/salon-for-women.html
Do your beauticians bring their own beauty kits for Salon-at-home Services?
Absolutely Yes! Our beauticians carry their own kit equipped with all devices, tools, disposal, and other items at your home which are required to execute the salon services perfectly so you don’t have to worry about anything and you don't need to arrange anything.
Do you accept online and offline payments both for salon services?
Yes, Onidirie accepts payment from both online and offline modes with the feasibility of after or before the salon services.
Also, before introducing any products of any brand in our salon services, we entail home user testing under the guidance of certified beauty professionals hence all the products which we use in our Salon-at-home services are 100% tested and verified.
Are your home salon beauticians trustworthy and reliable?
At Onidirie, we take pride in the training of our beauticians, who are all mentored by our senior trainers under the guidance of brand consultants. Additionally, we conduct thorough background verification checks, including police clearance, before onboarding any beautician to our salon-at-home services. Our website/app features a robust rating and review system, which allows our customers to share their experiences with our salon services. We take any negative feedback seriously and take strict measures to address any concerns raised by our customers. Our ultimate goal is to become the most customer-centric company in India.
Should I need to make an advance booking for Salon at-home Faridabad services with Onidirie?
Yes, you need to book the salon service on the Onidirie website in advance. Make sure to book it at least 4 hours before you need the salon service.
What are the different types of facials provided by your Salon?

Onidirie Salon provides 14 types of facial services that include:

  • Wrinkle-free Skin (O3+ Dermomelan Anti-Ageing Mono Dose Kit)
  • Bride Beauty (O3+ Bridal Facial Kit)
  • Cheryl's Glo Vite Facial
  • Cheryl's Tan Clear Facial
  • Glowy & Shiny Skin (O3+ Shine & Glow Facial)
  • Glowy Bliss VLCC Fruit Facial
  • Lotus Radiant Golden Glow Facial
  • Lotus Radiant Pearl Facial
  • Sara Gold Face Charm (Sara by O3+)
  • Vedic Line for Herbal Beauty (Bio White - Dry Skin)
  • Vedic Line for Herbal Beauty (Bio White - Oily Skin)
  • Vedic Line Herbal Beauty (Masters Moroccan Argan Oil Facial)
  • VLCC Anti-tan Facial
  • VLCC Tightening Facial

For more detail please click here.

What are your beauty combo deals in salon-at-home services?
We provide different combo packages of salon and beauty services at your doorstep, please check our combo packages here " https://www.Onidirie.com/salon-for-women.html#combo-packages"
What are the safety measures that Onidirie Salon-at-home has taken according to the Covid situation?

Onidirie Salon at Home has made sure to follow some specific safety protocols keeping in mind the health of the customers:-

  • Our beauticians will be in proper uniform and protective gear like a head cover, gloves, face mask, etc. are essential parts of this uniform.
  • Every day we get our beautician’s body temperature checked. In case of any smallest symptom also, we do not give any appointment to the beautician until and unless she fully recovers.
  • Our beauticians use top-branded products and tools which are fully sanitized. Also, we use single-use wax cartridges, sachets, and disposables.
Which all cities do you serve?
Onidirie Salon at Home offers salon and parlor services.
What is the minimum bill amount for booking Onidirie Salon-at-home services?
Onidirie Salon-at-home caters to your salon and parlor needs at your home for the minimum bill amount of ₹499.00
Do you charge any additional travel charges for reaching the customer’s house apart from the prices mentioned on the website?
Absolutely not! There are no additional charges apart from the prices of the specific salon service listed on the website.
Can I book the same beautician again?
Yes, It is possible to request the services of a previously booked beautician, subject to their availability at the desired time slot. Through our online booking platform, we guarantee you to send a highly-rated and proficient beautician to your residence for a salon-at-home experience. Our team of well-trained professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch salon and parlor services, ensuring a satisfactory and enjoyable experience for you.
Do your Salon at Home Greater provide hair spa services?
Yes, Onidirie Salon at Home provides a variety of facial and hair beauty services, including hair spa treatments.
Is it safe to have your beauticians at my home?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to have our beauticians at your home for salon-at-home services. All our beauticians go through a proper identity check and also we make sure that all their details reach you before they reach your house. So you don’t have to worry about anything regarding our beautician.
What are the timings your services are available for?
Onidirie Salon at-home services are available from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm.
How experienced your beauticians in Salon-at-home Services are?
All our beauticians in the salon-at-home services are well-experienced and experts at providing various salon and parlor services. We have a highly civilized training center where they go through regular training sessions to further enhance their skills. Other than this, we also test all our beauticians and only if they are able to pass the test then they are eligible for providing salon and parlor at home services.
Can I use my own products for the salon-at-home services?
Generally, we suggest you not use your own products as most of our salon services require top-branded professional products which are generally not available in the market.
The only exception we give is with hair color and mehendi (henna) application. For hair color, you may also use your own products and for mehendi, you have to provide your own product as our beautician will not carry any mehendi or henna for the same.
Can I cancel or reschedule the salon service I have booked with you anytime?
Yes, you can cancel or reschedule the salon service as you want but we advise you to cancel or reschedule it at least 2 or 3 hours before the scheduled service time.
Can I add any additional salon services once the beautician reaches?
Adding any additional salon services after the beautician reaches your home or incorporating additional customers during the service time would be accommodated based on the schedule of the beautician & availability of products at that time.
Can I request for any specific Onidirie beautician for my salon-at-home service?
Yes, you can do so but your request can only be fulfilled if that particular beautician is available for the salon services in your desired time slot.
How to book an appointment with you for a salon or parlor service?

Follow some simple steps to book your appointment with Onidirie Salon at Home:-

  • Step1: Visit www.Onidirie.com.
  • Step2:On the home page click on the service you want. It will direct you to the detailed services page.
  • Step3:To choose any salon service click the “Book Now” option.
  • Step4:Then go to the checkout page and fill up your appointment details like date, time, place, and contact details.
  • Step5:After that Onidirie Salon at Home team will contact you to confirm your appointment. The rest will be handled by our team. You just get ready to enjoy your relaxing parlor and salon at home service.
If I cancel any appointment at Onidirie salon-at-home service will I be able to get a refund and if I can how much it will be?
In case you cancel any appointment then you can get your refund within 24 hours of the cancellation but the amount of the refund depends upon the circumstances. For more details, visit the “Refund Policy” of Onidirie Salon at Home.
Do you have any facial salon service that will help me to have a glowing smooth face?
Yes, you can try Onidirie Salon-at-home Glowy & Shiny Skin (O3+ Shine & Glow) facial. It will help you to have a natural glow on your face and will leave smoother skin that you will surely love.
Will your parlor and salon at home services also be available on holidays like Sundays and other such days?
Absolutely yes! Onidirie home salon and parlor services are available on Sundays as well as on all other days including festival holidays too.
What is better threading or waxing?
When it comes to eyebrow threading v/s waxing then both have their pros and cons. Threading may be a less painful and chemical-free option that gives precise results. While waxing can sound comparatively painful to some but it results in the deep removal of hair and prevents earlier regrowth.
Do you provide salon-at-home services in both remote and urban areas?
Yes, our Salon-at-home services are available in both remote and urban areas
What should I do if I need an urgent appointment for salon-at-home services?
At Onidirie, We are already providing a 4 hours time slot to you. That means, you just have to make a booking at least 4 hours before you need the salon service. If you want the beauticians before 4 hours then contact our customer care. They will help you.
How to get an appointment confirmation for my salon service?
Once your appointment for the salon service is confirmed, you will get a confirmation mail that consists of your Booking ID and other relevant details.
Why to choose a salon at home when we can visit parlors there?

Home salons offer you more advantages as compared to visiting parlors:-

  • It is more time-saving and also saves your traveling cost and energy.
  • Offer you personalized salon services which you will not be able to have in crowded parlors.
  • It is a more hygienic option as you don’t have to come in contact with multiple individuals as in the parlors.
  • You feel more relaxed when you will have multiple beauty and salon sessions at your own home within your comfort and privacy.
What products do Onidirie Salon at Home Gurgaon beauticians carry?
Our home salon beauticians carry all top-branded products and tools that are directly sourced from the brands or their authorized distributors.
What is salon at home?
Salon at Home is a beauty service provider that offers multiple parlors, salons, and spa services at your home within your own comfort. You just have to contact the Onidirie salon-at-home, choose the service, and select your preferred time and date. Rest will be handled by the salon and the beautician will be sent to your home.
What does d-tan do?
D-tan is an effective beauty or salon treatment that helps in treating pigmentation and brings the glow back after removing the tan, improving one's skin complexion.
Does your hair spa at-home service include hair wash?

We follow an effective hair spa procedure:

  • Step1: Cream Application
  • Step2: Massage
  • Step3: Steam
  • Step4: Hair Wash (Optional)
  • Step: is an optional one. If you want hair wash then Rs. 150 extra will be added to the real hair spa service cost.
How to avail first booking offer?
You just have to make a booking normally and sit back. On your first offer, the appropriate amount will be reduced automatically.
How are we unique?

How is Onidirie Parlour & Salon at Home Services better than the regular salons?

Onidirie Salon at home makes it easier for you to fulfill all your beauty desires within your own comfort and privacy at your own home.

Time Saving

Running on a busy schedule and still want to maintain your beauty? What’s better than getting salon service at home then? It will save you a lot of time. You can get the same level of salon and parlor services even in a better way at your home eliminating the efforts of traveling and standing in parlor lines. It is the best option for people with busy schedules.

Safe, Secure & Hygienic Salon Services at Home

No matter what salon service you are taking, safety and hygiene should be our top priorities. Especially when everybody here is fighting COVID. In such a situation, a home salon service allows you to enjoy excellent salon and parlor services at home within the safety of your home without exposing yourself to many people.

Comfortable Salon Experience at Home

One of the other advantages of choosing Parlor at Home salon services is that you can enjoy top-quality salon services at your own place which gives you a better relaxation. Also, you can watch your favorite series or anything else while having your beauty and salon service done.

Personal Attention

The basic disadvantage of visiting a parlor for different salon and spa services is that you don’t get personal attention. While having these salon services at your own home by an expert certified beauty professional, you are able to get personal attention. The beautician will focus only on you to provide dedicated top-class beauty and cosmetics applications.

Budget Friendly

Do you think opening and establishing a parlor is an easy job? Not at all! It requires a lot of money with a lot of time and energy. At last, this affects the cost of salon services. Thankfully, with a salon at home, this is not the case. Customers don’t have to pay any additional charges because of the infrastructure expenses. So, you can have quality salon, spa, and parlor services at your home at pocket-friendly prices.

Your Home. Your Beauty Needs, Your Timings & Our Professional Beauticians!

Riya 2021-10-02 15:15:38

I have recently tried the wax and facial services of Onidirie and can definitely say that they are really good at this. They know how to work professionally and hygienically. I really loved their services and going to choose them only from now onwards for salon at-home services.

Nidhi Kumari
Nidhi Kumari 2021-10-03 02:24:20

Amazing Experience! Onidirie is the perfect salon at-home service provider. Right from using branded, hygienic products to providing professional services, they know how to impress customers. Thanks Onidirie for such a great beauty relaxing time!

Tanya Singh
Tanya Singh 2021-10-01 03:55:20

I really liked the facial which I had last week from this home salon. The massage was really amazing and I’m feeling that the product really worked on my skin.

Saanvi 2023-06-30 10:19:30

I love the convenience of having a salon come to my home! The hairstylist was professional and skilled, and I couldn't be happier with my new haircut. I highly recommend their services!

Uma 2023-07-01 16:09:40

The makeup artist from the home salon service did an incredible job for my wedding day. She listened to my preferences and created a stunning look throughout the event. Thank you for making me feel like a princess!

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